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Industrial accidents:
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An industrial accident is defined as an accident occurred in industrial organization in which worker  gets bodily injury that makes him unfit to do the work for next one or two days. This is an unexpected event and can be happen all of a sudden.

Causes of Accidents:

Inherent Hazards:- There are many jobs in industries in which there are more chances of accidents like coal mining construction work metal industries.

Collision:- It takes place due to insufficient light arrangements, equipment not placed properly, cabinet drawers left open.

Slip or fall on floors and stairs:- It happens when floors and stairs are wet with water or oily substance or floor and stairs are slippery and too much polished.

Floor is covered with torn or loose carpets

Telephone wires not properly placed.

Miscellaneous Causes:- some other causes are electric cables leakage, machines not working properly or machines of high speed, highly noisy area, poor health of worker, age factors of worker like eyesight, physical weakness.

Measures to minimize the accidents or ensuring industrial safety

         Safety training:-  training of employees by supervisor on safety methods.

        Proper equipment for handling material: - Proper material handling equipment should be provided for carrying bulk material or provision of lifts.

        Guarding of machines:- Proper fencing of machines, prevent access to danger zone, proper covering of moving or rotating parts

        Maintenance of plant:- Schedule maintenance of plants and machinery, proper ventilation and light arrangement, proper place for goods to be stored.

        Proper clothing: - Employees should wear proper uniform according to workplace, avoiding loose cloths, wearing footwear, masks, hand gloves, helmets etc.

        Clean floors: - Floors and passage should be clear and clean, telephone wires should not be trailing

         Regular inspection:- There should be regular inspection of plant machinery and electricity cables.



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