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When workers remain absent from their scheduled work without any prior permission, it is known as absenteeism. It is willful and avoidable absence and unauthorized leave from regular duty. It is a normal tendency in factory workers whatever the reason may be.

Various causes of absenteeism are:

Nature if work:- When nature of job is tough or monotonous

Working Conditions:- One of the major reason is inadequate working condition i.e. not good for health

Lack of interest: When the worker has lack of feeling of responsibility or interest, it causes absenteeism.

Transport facility: Poor transport facility towards the factory location is also one of the reason of absenteeism due to which workers are unable to reach the workplace in time and they have to remain absent from work.

Accidents: Due to industrial accident and occupational diseases workers become incapable of work for some days and results in absenteeism.

Leave Policy:- Absence of regular leave arrangement for the workers  leads to absenteeism as employer do not provide leave to workers whenever they require.

Homesickness:- Mostly workers come from villages to cities for work and they feel like visiting their home quite often and remain absent from work

Alcoholism and Gambling: Habits like alcoholism and gambling may lead to absent of workers from duty regularly.



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