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Principles of Management:                                                                      
Service Sector Four A's of service sector                                  Bookmark and Share


There are many services which have emerged recently, but the big question is that “is the Indian society is ready to accept such services?” For e.g. professionally managed old age homes, or day care centre and even wedding management service. As our social and cultural fabric is different it may take some time to accept such services.


As the service sector is new to economy many individuals sections in society are not aware of number of services being offered in their towns and cities such as maintenance of housing societies, payment of all taxes and bills or re-establishments service for an executive who has been transformed one city to other.


Service as a concept being intangible and many times taken as granted people are not ready to pay a price for it. Many a times the result of service take a long time to materialized and pricing of the service is a very delicate issue. So may service offered must be affordable.


Services have a wide spectrum of activities. For e.g. in Delhi some entrepreneurs started mobile maruti service where that maruti van acts as mobile service station. But looking at the distance to be covered in Delhi and traffic jams reach ability and availability of service is a big question. A simple example would be children day care not just being acceptable to people but also their availability closer to home.


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