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Industrial relations and labour laws:                                        Bookmark and Share
Industrial dispute

A situation of clash or difference in opinions between

          Workers and employer

          Employers and employers

          or workers and workers

 in connection with employment terms and conditions is known as industrial dispute.

Forms of Industrial Dispute:

The outcome of industrial dispute is locking out from the employer side and workers may resort to strike, Gherao, picketing etc.

Strike: - Strike is quitting work by a group of workers for getting their demands accepted by the employer. It is a powerful tool used by the trade unions to pressurize the management to accept their demands. Various types of strikes are

 Economic Strike: - Strike in concern with economic reason like wages bonus or working conditions.

 Sympathetic Strike: - Strike to support the other group of workers on strike within the organization or for the sympathy to union workers on strike in other industries.

 General Strike: - Strike of all the unions in a region or workers of a particular industry for the common demands of the workers concerned.

 Sit down Strike: - When workers stop doing the work but also do not leave the place of work. It is also known as tool down or pen down strike.

 Slow Down strike: - When workers remain on their jobs but slow down the output of their work.

Lock Out: - Lockout is the step taken by the employer to put pressure on workers. Employer close down the workplace until the workers agree to continue the work on the terms and conditions as given by the employer

Gherao: - Gherao is the action taken by workers under which they restrict the employer to leave the work premises or residence. The person concerned is put away in a ring made of human beings i.e. workers. Gheraos are also being adopted by educational and others institutions. It is an illegal act according to the Law.

Picketing: - When workers are not allowed to report for the work by deputing some men at the factory gates. If picketing does not involve any violence it is perfectly legal. It is done to bring into the notice of public that there is dispute between workers and management.

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