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Transfer refers to the shifting of employees form one job to another within the same organization where salary, responsibilities and category of the new job and the previous job are almost same. Transfer of an employee can be done in other department of the same plant or office or to the same department of plant or office located in other region/city.

Reason / Objectives for Transfer:

          Transfer can be done on the request of employee due to personal reason like family problem or health problem.

          Due to HR policy which states that one employee can work in department or place for specific time period

          Transfers are common in the organizations where the work load varies timely.

          If an employee is not able to do the work or job assigned effectively he can be transferred to the other job where he can use his skills properly according to his interest and abilities

          Departmental vacancies can be filled with transfer of employees from overstaffed department.

          Employees can be transferred to the position or department with the higher priority workload.


Types of Transfer:

Production Transfer: When the transfers are being made for filling the position in such departments having lack of staff, from the departments having surplus manpower it is called production transfer. It prevents the layoffs form the organization. Also it is good to adjust existing staff rather than to hire the new one.

Remedial Transfer: Remedial transfer refers to rectification of wrong selection or placement of employees. If the employee can adjust himself in the given job he can be transferred to the job where he can use his skills and abilities accordingly.

Versatility Transfer: Such transfers are done to increase the versatility in the employees so that he can work different kind of jobs. This is done by transferring employee to different jobs closely related in same department or process line.. This is used as a training device. It helps employee to develop him and he is equipped for the high responsibility jobs as he is having knowledge of the whole process.

Shift Transfer: In many multi-shifts jobs such as Call centres employees are transferred from one shift to another due to their personal reasons like health problem or evening college for higher studies or any family problems.


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