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Process of Job Analysis                                                                  Bookmark and Share

Planning and organizing of Programme: - The first step is to plan and organize the job analysis programme. A person is designated as in-charge of programme and required authority and responsibility is assigned to him. Schedule of the programme and budget estimation is prepared. 

Obtaining current information: - Current job design information is collected and study of job description, job specification, process used, manuals and organization flow charts is done by the analyst.

Conduct needs research: - The analyst determines that which manager, department requires the job analysis. Purpose of the job analysis is determined, extent to which job analysis is to be done is decided and how the information will be used concluded.

Establishing priorities: - Identification and priorities of the jobs to be analyzed should be established by the human resource department executives with help of various executives of the related departments

Collecting Job Data: - The next step is to collect the data related to the job selected for the analysis as they are being performed in the organization at present.

Preparation of Job Description:-Using job information obtained from job analysis job descriptions is being prepared. It states the full information of job including working conditions nature of job, processes used machines and materials used.

Developing Job Specification:- Job specifications are developed using information given in job description. Job specification is statement regarding human qualities that are required for a particular job. Such information is used to select the person matching the requirements of the job.


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