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Job Analysis                                                                                        Bookmark and Share


Job analysis: - A job is defined as a collection of duties and responsibilities which are given together to an individual employee. Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job. Information thus collected is analyzed and the facts about nature of job working condition and qualities in employee can be easily known.

The data which is to be collected can be classified as under: -

Job identification

Nature of job                                                      

Materials and Machines used

Operations involved

Human qualification required

Relation with other jobs in the organisation


Objective of job analysis:

Work simplification: - Job analysis provides the information related to job and this data can be used to make process or job simple. Work simplification means dividing the job into small parts i.e. different operations in a product line or process which can improve the production or job performance.

Setting up of standards: -Standard means minimum acceptable qualities or results or performance or rewards regarding a particular job. Job analysis provides the information about the job and standard of each can be established using this information

Support to personnel activities:- Job analysis provides support to various personnel activities like recruitment, selection, training and development, wage administration, performance appraisal etc.


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