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Introduction to law

Law in simple terms implies rules or set of rules which govern the external human actions and conduct of individuals, institutions and government with each other. These rules must be enforced by sovereign (The Ruler or The Ruling Government) and must receive due recognition. Source of the law is sovereign authority. Law is command of sovereign authority. People in the state have to follow these common rules for the peaceful living. It is on e of the function of the state to regulate these rules by making necessary arrangements and punish the people who do not follow these rules according the provisions of concerned act in vogue.  

Definition: -

Salmond: Law is the body of principles recognized and applied by the state in the administration of the justice.

Austin: A law is rule of conduct imposed by the sovereign  

Holland: Law is rule of external human action enforced by sovereign

Characteristics of the Law

a)   Mainly law is related to external human action but sometimes internal action can also be the subject of law,

b)   Law is conduct imposed and enforced by sovereign the supreme authority the government. The citizens have to follow these rules.

c)   These rules of conduct are very essential for peaceful and prosperous living of the people. They help all the people to have maximum freedom.

d)     Law is supreme and applicable to all. It is same for poor and rich, for the rulers as well as citizens.


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